Buy Our Bus!

Washington, DC / Jan. 1, 2012 / by The Team

We are getting ready to finish up Bus 52, our year-long project highlighting positive news across the country, and need to find a new home for our beloved bus!

Here's a quick rundown of our beloved Stanley:


- 1984 International school bus (type C) with a Carpenter Body
- Diesel
- Manual transmission
- Air brakes (no special license needed to drive)
- Milage - ~103,000 (we got it at 77,000)
- Fresh coat of paint (Blue, black and white automotive)
- All new tires (as of May 2012)


- 50 amp electrical system
- 12 volt system
- Coach battery
- Inverter that switches power from 50 to 12
- Rear Generator - Generac (We have not used, but have been showed working. Requires new fuel tank and exhaust pipe)
- Secured 12/120 rope lighting throughout interior, under-shelf lighting and rear lighting.
- Power outlets at the front, middle, and rear, cigarette lighter plugs (x2) at front.

Water System
- Black water, gray water, and fresh water tank
- Water pump (never used, but newly installed December 2011)
- Shower/toilet combination
- All piping plastic and internal
- LP water heater

LP System and appliances
- Internal LP system and LP tank (20g)
- 4 hob stove (LP)
- Oven (LP)
- Suburban LP furnace
- 12 volt, high-power fridge (new as of December 2011)

Air Conditioners:
- 2 Colman ceiling air conditioners 

Other appliances and items included
- Microwave
- Toaster oven
- Safe
- Full cutlery and crockery
- Curtains
- Mattresses, bedding
- 50 amp cord, fresh water hose, sewer hose.

Living, Sleeping
- 4 bunk-beds in rear
- 1 Pull-out sofa-bed in front
- 1 Breakfast booth/convertible to bed.
- Two captain's chairs in front
- Kitchen cupboards and drawers
- Large storage closet in rear
- Slotted shelves (fully removable) in rear
- Under-bed storage in rear
- Under-fridge storage

Description of work done:
The bus was taken to a professional RV dealership and had the following work done:
- Brand new electrical system - complete re-wiring
- Brand new water system (black, gray, fresh) - new piping throughout
- Brand new, installed LP system
- New Furnace
- New Toilet
- New paint - all former paint and rust removed/patched and new automotive paint applied.

Work done by us:
- Construction of bunkbeds and rear shelving
- laying of carpet
- Interior painting

Bus Work Done in last year (all work was done by certified mechanics that were certified to work on International trucks):
- Minor repairs completed to certify the bus for the MD emissions tests (certified through 2013) - Exhaust pipe, indicator shifter, etc
- New shifter
- New Coolant Tank
- New tires (all replaced, brand new as of May 2012)
- New fuse box
- New Starter
- Rust patches - small rust patches that were visible when we purchased were cut and re-plated, sealed and treated.
- New Belts
- Exterior paint - fully stripped and painted with automotive paint
- Regular maintenance (ever 3 months) with added checks on air brakes and filters

Description of Use:
Since January, the bus has been on the road in service to our project - Bus 52. Five people have lived full-time on the bus. All new parts were ordered whenever a breakdown occurred that required replacement parts.

The bus has been incredibly reliable and very adaptable. It runs great, and its age is a huge help when going in for maintenance. It has very low milage for a diesel, and the engine, upon inspection was found to be in excellent condition.

The bus is a registered multi-use vehicle in the State of Maryland. All school-bus signage and lighting has been deactivated and covered. No special license is needed to be able to drive this bus in the State of Maryland. Emissions inspections are fully current.

While in our possession, the bus has not been in any accidents, nor has had any safety issues and concerns. All seating in the bus contains seatbelts (including the custom work done). All beds have custom mattresses that are included.

Why we are selling this bus

We had originally purchased it in order to accomplish our year-long project. Now that it is coming to an end, our much loved bus needs to find its next adventure!

Our asking price:
$13,999 or best offer. The bus will be available from the 13th of December, and we need to find its new home as soon as possible!

Email with any questions or for more information!