Bus 52 Supporters

Bus 52 Supporters

Bus 52 cannot happen without generous support from our community. Listed below is everyone who has contributed to Bus 52. For more information about supporting us as well as information on the different sponsorship levels, please visit our donations page.

National Partners ($10,000+)
Stanley Black & Decker
Raw Jam Ltd.
Helen M. Simon 

Executive Producers ($5,000 - $9,999)
In Loving Memory of Kenneth Newton 

Producers ($1,000 - $4,999)
SARRM Group Staff, World Bank
LandAirSea Corporation
mingo Wireless
The Shanks Family
The Ticehurst Family 
Matthew Wallace 

Navigators ($500 - $999)
Ian and Philippa Young
Charles Parker 
Bruce Caviness 
Michele Wetteland 

Bunk-Mates ($300 - $499)
Jack Stein, Margaret McFerren, & Family
Raj & Sandra Purohit
Bill & Catherine Anderson 

Mechanics ($100 - $299)
Alfredo Benavides
Tyler Bourke
Keith Bradley
The Office of Dr James Brodsky
Catherine Cassagne
Charles Cochran
Margaret Cutler
Maia Daniels
Linda G Davenport
Nancy Everett
Suzanne Forsyth
Charles and Sarah Gerfen
Myra Peabody Gossens
Sara Harris
Stanley Hascher
Mahyar Hashemzadeh
Nancy M. Holmes and William A. Holmes
Marlene Jacome
Martin G. Janowiecki and Leigh A. Rollins
Larsen Jay
Jamie Kirkpatrick
Peter Loge
Michelle Kayon
Paul Krogh
Maggie McGuigan
Connie McGuire
Terrence and Patricia Murphy
Gary Niskanen
John Nellis
Zenobia Panthaki
Susan J. Park and Robertson T. Park
Thomas J. Reckford
Helen Roberts
Hartwig Schafer 
Joyce Shields
Katie Shaw
Dave Sproul
Vernon Staines
Mike Tilchin
Richard Tuckerman
Narayan Teli
David and Drema McAllister Wilson
Katherine Witowski
David and Lee Wittenstein 
Charmion Wood  

Supporters ($1 - $99)
Dolores Benavides
John Byam
Mark Catan
Cathleen Crouch
Benjamin Darnell
Katherine Ey
Kerry Flett
Susan Frampton
Andrew Hershey
Barry Keepence
Margaret Lane
Theodore Li
Calum Lindsay
John Long
Lauren McGrath
Elizabeth Nemeyer
Zoe W. Newman
Siena Parker
Marcus Parrish
Scott Platton
Harriet Phimister
Adam Preskey
Vijaya Ramachandran
Mark and Diane Ross
Arielle Siedman
Michael Widener
Alex Wiske
Nina Young