Album:America - Kentucky Air

Kentucky / April 27, 2012 / by Chris

After my time with the folks at the Bluegrass RV Park, of course I had to try my hand at making a bluegrass song. In my opinion it probably came out a little on the end of country, but it is certainly bluegrass-inspired. 

Since one of my favorite things about my bluegrass experience was the communal feel, I asked two of my friends to help me record tracks for this song. Peter Swiek plays the mandolin and guitar, while Samantha Turner put on the lovely harmony track. While the long distance between all of us meant we couldn’t be physically together making music, through the wonders of the internet they were able to help me make this track what it is, and each of them added their own musical flavor to make this song special.

I’ve never been much of a lyricist, so I hope you’ll pardon me that there isn’t too much deep or profound in this song. It is more or less my reflection on our Bus 52 journey thus far in a bluegrass sort of style, with a nod to the state in which I was inspired to write this song.


Please note the lyrics are my own, and do not necessarily reflect either the views or endorsement of Bus 52, Exploring Community Inc., or its affiliates.