Album:America - Flamingo Romp

Missouri / April 13, 2012 / by Chris

When Gelb, in conversation with me, refers to “that thing you do,” he’s usually referring to one of two things: beat-boxing, or a cappella singing. If you ask folks who have to spend an extended period of time with me, they’ll tell you I’m pretty obnoxious about making beats, singing along to guitar solos, and generally bursting into song seemingly at random. 

In this second installment of Album:America, I decided to take advantage of my obnoxious quirk while doing something different from last week; after all, there’s no fun in having free reign to compose whatever I want if I don’t branch out a bit. One thing about composing background music is that I don’t really get to use voices; it has a bad habit of getting in the way of the people on camera, and their voice is much more important to telling the story than song vocals. But now that we have a series that is about my voice, I thought it would be good to do a song voice. And, with the exception of some snaps, that’s all that is in this one.

The melody for this started life in a rough draft of music for Flocking for Gina. The video ended up being much better without music, but the tune was a lot of fun and I felt it had to come to light in some way. So, in tribute to the song’s origin, this song is called “Flamingo Romp.” Enjoy.

The footage for this piece is from our day of cleaning out the bus - after one of our stops for repairs we found that the bus was rather cluttered (and that we hadn't taken everything out of the fridge before leaving it for a week). It may not sound like much of a 'romp', but we had some fun with it and all of us (including Stanley) felt much better afterward.