Album:America - Convergence

Texas / April 20, 2012 / by Chris

It has been said that 'we are the sum total of our experiences', and while I think we are more than just that, I also believe that our life's experiences influence how we perceive the world around us. Thus, while I may have something rather specific in mind when I'm writing these compositions, you will hear it differently because your life is and has been different from mine.

'Convergence' is an example of what music geeks like myself call 'absolute' music - it does not try to represent anything, or even evoke a specific emotion; it's just music for music's sake. The great thing about this type of music is that you as the listener don't have to spend any time worrying if you "get" what I am trying to convey; the correct interpretation is whatever you hear in the music.

I often hesitate to name pieces like this, because even a name carries with it a meaning that may influence how you hear the music. But since 'Untitled' is such a boring cliché, I named this piece for the way the two melodies come together at the end, and for the way my experiences converge with yours to give this piece a new meaning each time it is heard.

Note: Since visuals can have a powerful effect on our perception of sound, you might try listening to the music before or after watching and see how your perception is changed.