Community Soundtrack: Jet Lu

Idaho / Aug. 4, 2012 / by Chris

I've grown tired of watching great music sit in our community soundtrack folder unused. We've already been able to hear great music from Zen and Jane and Whitney McCombs, but the reality is that a lot of music involves lyrics and at Bus 52 our spaces where we can use music with lyrics are limited. So, every so often, I'm going to give up my Album:America spot to showcase just a few of these great artists. 

Vinnie Lu is an extremely gifted all-round musician - whether singing, playing the bass, guitar, or piano, Vinnie excels at bringing his unique songs to life. Originally from New Hampshire, he is now rocking the fantastic music scene in Austin, Texas. This track, called 'Sidekick,' comes from his band Jet Lu and features Luke Frisher on drums, Nate Laurie on keys, and Greg Rosenbaum on guitar. As if each of their musical talents weren't enough, Vinnie adds that "each of the band members is an intergalactic superhero!" Really, how can you go wrong?

Vinnie submitted a lot of great music to us, and I'm excited to say that you'll get to hear more of it in next week's piece on the Q Café. That piece, which falls much more into the jazz genre than Sidekick, again features Luke Frisher on the drums and Quentin Karpilow on the piano. It's called "Dr. Romero Has the Cure," and I hope you enjoy it and how it adds to the story.

To hear more of Vinnie's music, head over to his Bandcamp page