Album:America - Thank You

Connecticut / Nov. 23, 2012 / by Chris

We couldn't tell the amazing stories of Bus 52 without the incredibly generous support of a whole lot of people. Whether it's companies giving in-kind donations of needed resources, people spreading the word about us on social media, or just folks watching our videos and sending us words of encouragement along the way, we would be remiss if we didn't say "Thank You" to everyone who has helped us get so far in our journey.

In this Thanksgiving Album:America, we say thanks specifically for those folks who have donated their financial resources to help us travel around the country and share the stories of these inspiring, innovative people. We cannot say "Thank You" enough, and we hope you have enjoyed the journey of Bus 52 as much as we have.

If we somehow missed your name and you donated before November 1st, please email us to let us know - both so that we can make sure our records are straight, and so that Chris can pay tribute to your donation in song.