Album:America - So You Think You Can Drum

Oregon / July 20, 2012 / by Chris

If you haven't already seen my blogpost from earlier this week, you have a chance to directly influence the future of Album:America. Check out the poll here.

For the most part, my music is pretty well received by the team. But if there is one complaint I get more often than any other, it is "you need more drums." My excuse has been that I don't want to distract from the stuff going on in our videos, but if I'm honest with myself there are two main reasons I shy away from drums in my music:

1) Despite spending high school and college working with rock bands in recording studios, I have shockingly little experience actually playing the drums
2) Working with synthetic drums on a keyboard and making them sound good is difficult at best.

Well, this week I'm addressing these shortcomings head-on. I added some drum pads to the Bus 52 recording studio, and this week's Album:America is all about the drums. There are hand drums, drum kits, various percussion instruments that I always thought sounded fun but never put into a song before. Keeping it from sounding like mush wasn't always easy, but hopefully you'll enjoy the result.