Album:America - A Cheery Song for Summer

Oregon / July 27, 2012 / by Chris

America seems to love the weird. We go out of our way to make and find some of the oddest roadside attractions in the world. And while we may not have time to see most of them on our journey, we certainly do hear about them from locals: houses with staircases and doors to nowhere, giant rubber stamps, and my personal favorite the world's largest ball of twine.

In honor of our collective weirdness, this week's Album:America is…well, it is weird. I pulled all the musical techniques whose sound fascinates me but that seem out of place in "normal" music, threw them into a pot, and this is what came out. 

Ms. Jennifer Baker brought her lovely voice and musical knowledge to the Sprechstimme lines (literally "speak singing" in German). I'm tempted to translate what she is singing for you, or tell you what the gobbledygook in the middle actually says. But just as the true fun of a large twine ball is making the journey to see it, I think I will let the fun be in the process of discovery.