Album:America - Pugs' Eyes Come Out of Their Heads

Iowa / Sept. 14, 2012 / by Chris

While we could have long debates over who the most useful, jovial, hard working, cleanest, smelliest, or craziest member of our team is, there is absolutely no question who the loudest Bus 52 team member is. That title falls to Amy Chin, who has been known to without provocation break into long strings of yelling and loud noises.

Among her favorite topics for such outbursts is sharing with us some ridiculous 'facts,' many of which end up being only true inside the odd world of her mind. However, occasionally one of these facts ends up being true, such as when she recently informed us that the eyes of pugs can pop out of their heads if the dog is squeezed too tightly. I didn't think we should keep such an amazing mind as hers to ourselves, so I've composed this little piece to give you all an insight into some of the many things we are likely to hear during any given day with Amy on the bus. The full title, for those curious, is "Pugs' Eyes Come Out of Their Heads (The Sounds of Amy Chin)"