Album:America - Odyssey

California / July 13, 2012 / by Chris

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Doing all these BehindtheMusic blogposts has put me in a rather reflective mood for this week. As we traveled through Yosemite, I thought about the journey we've been on thus far - the nervous excitement we began with, the ups, downs, and small moments of unexpected joy that have marked our trip, and the hope we have for the remainder of the journey.

I wrote almost the entirety of this piece on that reflective drive through Yosemite, and as it is about a journey. As it was written in the Honda Odyssey that is both our secondary transport and my recording studio, it is rather appropriately named 'Odyssey' Enjoy!

Please note: This piece is not an endorsement of Honda or its affiliates. Though I do have to say we've enjoyed the van quite a bit.