Album:America - Journey's End

Washington, DC / Dec. 29, 2012 / by Chris

It's almost impossible to believe, but we have actually made it. Though we weren't even sure when we set out in January that we could even make it to this point, we have met our goal of sharing 100 stories from across the country of hope, optimism, and ingenuity coming together to make the world around us a better place. I feel incredibly humbled by the amazing people we have met all over the U.S., as well as the team of people I've had the honor of living and working with over the past year. It's been such a privilege to be a part of this project, and above all I cannot say "Thank You" enough to everyone who has made this entire project possible: our supporters, our corporate sponsors, our producer Elivia, all the mechanics who kept us going, our research team, the rest of the bus crew, and of course the folks behind all of our stories who have been our inspiration from the beginning.

Though we know that what we've started this year will continue for all of us, this does mark the end of this particular journey of ours. Though it is easy to think of this time - and this song - as a sad one, I prefer to think of it as a chance to remember, to celebrate the joys of the journey, and to look forward to the journeys to come. The Dayspring choir has done me the incredible honor of making this premiere recording of "Journey's End" and with it we look forward to the next stage of our lives' journeys. From all of us at Bus 52, thank you to everyone for joining us this year; we hope we've in some way inspired you as you go along your journey.