Album:America - Faith of the Heart (Orchestral)

New Mexico / May 11, 2012 / by Chris

As Robert revealed a few weeks back, we at Bus 52 are pretty big nerds. One of our favorite pastimes in our rare moments of free time is to watch Star Trek, and while we are up for any of the five series spawned from Gene Roddenberry’s original vision, our latest venture has been through Star Trek: Enterprise. 

Now, this will be semi-meaningless if you haven’t seen or otherwise don’t care about Star Trek, but Enterprise has a bit of a quirk musically: rather than the rather exciting instrumental openings of the other series, Enterprise’s theme is a Russell Watson cover of Rod Stewart’s “Faith of the Heart.” Now, it is a perfectly nice song in its own right; however, it just does not feel like a Star Trek opening.

Never one to let a complete lack of experience with orchestras or orchestral arranging stop me from doing something crazy, I arranged “Faith of the Heart” in a manner that is hopefully faithful to the themes of the other Star Trek series. As with all things Star Trek, I’m sure there are some folks who will love it and others who will despise it. All I ask is some mild forgiveness for my sampled orchestra; while I would dearly love to be able to offer you a beautiful live recording, I live on a bus. And an orchestra just won’t fit.