Album:America - Cat Jam

Idaho / Aug. 24, 2012 / by Chris

All over the US, there are thousands of pets who are living in humane societies and animal shelters instead of in loving homes. We had the pleasure of playing with a few kittens looking for a home at the Bonneville Humane Society in Idaho Falls, Idaho. If the video doesn't make this clear, they were all extremely cute. So this week, Album:America is all about these cats.

When I was in my high school's a cappella group, one of my favorite group exercises was something called a 'song circle.' The group got together in a circle, and someone would start with a beat or a simple bass line. When another person heard a musical line that went with it, they joined in. It was a great way to encourage individual musical ability and creativity within the context of the larger group; and, of course, it was a lot of fun.

Remembering how fun this was, I decided this week to have a song circle with…myself. Or at least, myself if I were a cat. It's not quite as fun as a big group in a circle, but I have to say I found the process of making this song quite enjoyable. 

We want to give a huge 'thank you' to the Bonneville Animal Shelter for allowing us to film - if you're in Idaho and interested in adopting, check them out on their website and Facebook. Not in Idaho? You can search for animals at Humane Society's around the country (including Bonneville) at