Album:America - Audio Garden

Kansas / May 18, 2012 / by Chris

When we recently released our story on the KU Audio Reader Network, one of the aspects of their program that we didn’t get a lot of time to touch on was their sensory garden. This garden is designed with the visually impaired in mind, so in addition to being beautiful, the plants have an interesting texture or a strong fragrance that would make them interesting to someone who cannot see them. 

Of course, the things that drew my attention the most were the things in the garden that made sound. Two wind chimes, one more traditional and the other in the style of Corinthian bells, reside in the garden’s center, and on the way in, you can hear fountains, smaller wind chimes, and various other sounds all around you. I loved the wind chimes so much that I decided to make it the center of this piece; to get the full experience, I included some of the other sounds from the garden as well.

Like the sensory garden this song is peaceful and relaxing, so you probably shouldn’t listen while operating heavy machinery. But then again, why would you be on YouTube while operating heavy machinery anyway? In any case, I hope you get as much enjoyment from ‘Audio Garden’ as I and many others have from the garden that inspired it.