Album: America

Missouri / April 6, 2012 / by Chris

Today, we start a new series here on Bus 52. From here on out, each Friday we will be posting a brand spanking new musical piece, accompanied by footage we take across the country. These pieces may not have any correlation to our profile pieces (though they very well might). Their point, as it were, is to offer another view of the country through a different artistic standpoint.

The reasons for doing this are plentiful. For one, the number of things I can do musically in our profile pieces without distracting from the story is relatively limited. These pieces give me another creative outlet for things that employ weird instruments or differ in mood from our profile pieces. Additionally, we take a lot of footage that doesn’t make it into our short videos; these pieces will give you a chance to see some of the amazing stuff our team shoots as we travel, as well as additional footage from our profile pieces. And of course, since Steven always gives me such great videos to compose to, I thought it would be nice to return the favor. This first piece is based on of a song I wrote in high school with my friend and musical conspirator, Peter Swiek. We called the song "Kites in the Wind", a reference to how kites are blown and battered about but still manage to soar. While the lyrics for this song were nothing special (hence why they didn't make it into this version), this song keeps me coming back to it because of its ability (in my view) to capture the rough spots in our lives while still staying optimistic about an uncertain future. In that respect, it is very much in keeping with the theme of Bus 52, as we meet more and more people who remain optimistic in the face of the challenges facing them. I hope you enjoy this first piece, “Kites in the Wind.”