Z's Divine Espresso

Kansas / April 21, 2012 / by Amy
Z's Divine Espresso

Z’s Divine Espresso tucked away just off Massachusetts St in Lawrence, KS. I say tucked away, but it isn’t really. It’s just off the main road but once you are in the coffee shop, you will most definitely feel removed from the hustle and bustle outside. 

It’s quite a small café but it’s packed with all the wonderful things that I love in coffee shops, and more. 

There are just a few tables, some lined up along the window and some in the middle of the room. There’s also a corner with a sofa and bar seating up near the counter. While this doesn’t sound like much seating, Z’s has probably one of the smartest things I’ve seen in a coffee shop yet. 

Rather than having tables along the walls, they have small table-height counters that are subdivided into small desk areas, each with power outlets. This means that when someone wants to go to a coffee shop to work on their computer (I know the feeling well), they can do so without taking up a table that would seat two, and there are no cables trailing across the floor linking computers to plugs. 

I thought it was a really, really good idea. It means both that there was more seating overall because it was making use of the wall space that wouldn’t be best used to accommodate full-size table and that it made sure people who like working in Z’s aren’t taking up more space than they should. 

But on to their coffee.... I had a chai, which was absolutely delicious. It was warm in temperature but it was also warm from its spice content. I always like my chai best when you can really taste the spices. 

I also had a coffee that was really good. It was just their filter coffee but it was definitely tasty and full of body. It was especially good when drunk with a certain chocolate biscotti that they sold, which was also rather delicious.  

They had lots of tasty-looking muffins and sweet things, and they have a wide range of coffee beans for sale to take home. 

When we went, Z’s was almost full but there was the most wonderful silence - it was like being in a library. Of course, there was the usual background noise as people came and went and ordered food, but it was one of the quietest cafés I’ve been to. 

I don’t mean this in a bad way, though. It wasn’t like going into a completely deserted café where it’s quiet simply because there’s no one else there. It was quiet because everyone was enjoying their coffee and working or reading. 

It was a very lovely atmosphere to sit and work in and I’d most definitely like going to sit and read a book while enjoying a coffee. 

So if you’re even in Lawrence, and need somewhere to read or work or just enjoy life, definitely head over to Z’s Divine Espresso.