The Zen of Cafés

Kentucky / March 31, 2012 / by Amy
The Zen of Cafés

I realize that a lot of people - you may be one of them - will think I’m an odd duck for seeking out so many different coffee shops. Others of you will understand my deep and abiding love for them. 

My choice of café can depend on my mood but I usually look for some basic qualities wherever I go. 

The first are the drinks and food on offer, and of course, their quality and value for money. I love to get a great cup of coffee for a decent price and I really don’t appreciate paying a lot for a very mediocre or even bad drink. 

And while the quality of the drinks available is extremely important to me, the small matter of atmosphere is on an equal footing.

Depending on my mood, I work best in either the weighty silence of the library or the hustle and bustle of a café. If I happen to be feeling more like working in the latter, it has to be quiet enough to allow me to tune out most noises - I find it easy to be distracted if I can hear someone conducting a particularly loud conversation next to me - but loud enough to provide a background buzz.

I also love meeting up with friends, in which case it’s best if there’s no loud music and comfortable chairs to sit in, but my wish list is usually the same as if I go on my own. More often than not though, I go to get some work done or to catch up on whatever book I’m reading at the time. 

I enjoy the indistinct noises that fade into the background - the chatter of people, the hiss of the steamer and the snatches of music. Once it all blurs into one, it becomes a white noise-like sound that allows me to tune everything out. 

When it comes to café-going with Bus 52, my motives are pretty much the same. I read much less since more often than not, I’m working and taking advantage of wifi connections to upload our posts, do some research and work on our media outreach. 

I do perhaps pay more attention to my surroundings than I usually do so that I can write up my posts about the coffee shop in question but I still just enjoy sitting with a tasty drink (and occasionally, a cookie or cupcake) next to me as I work on whatever needs my precious attention.