Ohio / Oct. 10, 2012 / by Amy Rose

When we were at VidCon (can't believe that was almost four months ago!) we did not get tickets to see panels or speakers, but we did get tickets for the convention hall. In addition to handing out swag, we picked up a  fair bit from the vendors. Youped is one of the tables we popped into, and we said, "heck yah! We'll give Youped a shot!" Because honestly, I will try anything once (Live on a bus? Sure!).

So 'Youpe' I did!

It took me a couple months go get around to it, but about a month ago I finally signed up for the service and I feel that I can give it a fair review.

Youped "allows you to prove to your friends and the world that you know what is going to be popular and what the next big thing is." When I read that I was still a little puzzled as to what exactly I could do with the platform.

When you sign on your dashboard has popular videos that people you follow have Youped. To Youpe a video is to submit the URL of a video you've watched on Youtube (I don't believe it supports Vimeo) and it logs how many views are added after you submit it.

I went on and submitted some of our stories, some that already had quite a few views and others that didn't have quite so many. I figured maybe someone might catch us and enjoy our stories.

It would definitely be an exaggeration to say that we have really successfully used Youped. I think it's great for people who love sharing videos they find with their friends, and feel cool when they can share something new and exciting with their friends but I'm not sure it's helpful for us.

It's neat to see just how many views our story gets, but in terms of increasing our audience and getting more people inspired? It just didn't quite work for us.