California / July 9, 2012 / by Amy

Today we went to Yosemite and it was beautiful. The roads to Yosemite Valley were a little windy and my stomach started getting a little queasy but after a while of driving with the windows down, the twists and turns disappeared and I could truly enjoy the scenery. 

For miles driving in towards the valley, there is nothing but beautiful tree after beautiful but then suddenly the trees open up and there are huge drops down the canyon and off into the distance. The greens of the trees are so vivid and the rocks are the most wonderful shades of gray. 

While I did very much enjoy seeing Grand Canyon (it's one of those landmarks that is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime sight), I found Yosemite to be somewhat more beautiful and a place that I would more readily go back to. 

The canyon is by no means as large at Grand Canyon, nor perhaps as awe-inspiring, but with the trees, chipmunks and many waterfalls, it really is a place of beauty. 

We sat at the top of the canyon to have our lunch, making sure none of the very inquisitive chipmunks stole our sandwiches, and then drove down into the valley to the visitor center. 

As if the views from the top of canyon weren't stunning enough, the roads down below lead through a forest that was even more so. The road out of the park follows the river, which is a river that flows smoothly in some places and bubbles over piles of rocks and pebbles in others. 

Yosemite really is a place you could spend days, hiking through the trees and enjoying the views from both the top and the bottom of the canyon. If ever you're in the area, I really would recommend that you drop in and spend even a couple of hours in the beautiful and calming surroundings. 

Photo Credit: Flickr: Rennett Stowe