California / July 2, 2012 / by Amy

Writing the articles to accompany the videos pieces is a lot of fun but it’s also sometimes quite difficult. I realize that you might be laughing, saying ‘how can writing a short piece about such amazing stories be difficult?’’ But it’s just because they are such great stories that it's a tough job. 

Good writers are excellent at conveying emotions through a text. I always find that writing can be as emotionally powerful, if not more so, as video. It’s just about getting that emotion to come through. 

In our articles, I try to convey as much information about the story as possible, without getting too bogged down in minute details. Often, it’s things that we don’t have time to show in the video, or a great quotation given to us just after we’ve finished filming. (You would be surprised how many times people say a wonderful, perfect sentence after we’ve turned off the camera, saying that ‘I probably should have said that on camera, right?’)

We don’t want that information to overpower the emotions we’re trying to convey though, and getting that balance just right is something I find difficult. 

If the stories had no emotions and were simply events to be reported in the most mundane of prose, it would be a different thing altogether. But they aren’t, and while I try not to make things too boring, I also try to make sure I don’t get too flowery or academic.

Writing my blog posts is very different. I just sit down with an idea I’d like to convey (or a vague idea of some sort) and start typing. While it's not the most planned of methods, the conversational tone is, I feel, more appropriate to blog posts than our articles. 

There’s a sense of purpose for the articles that doesn’t surround my blog posts. Just like with the videos, we’re trying to convey the amazing things people are doing to the best of our ability. I just don’t want to let them down. 

Although I’ve been writing these articles for six months now, I’m still not sure I’m happy with them. I’m finding myself much less stressed by the idea of writing them and they seem to flow more easily, but I’m not convinced that I’m really conveying everything as well as I could. 

But, as they say, practice makes perfect, and if you’ll bare with me, one day I’ll produce the perfect article. 

Let me know how you find writing blog posts, articles, and essays, and make sure to send feedback if there are any articles or aspects of thereof that you especially like or dislike. As they say, criticism isn’t always a bad thing...

Photo Credit: Flickr: smoorenburg