Wisconsin / Oct. 17, 2012 / by Amy Rose

The midwest is full of beautiful states that I'd never set foot in, and before college had almost no idea what they were like. I assumed all states in the midwest were like That 70s Show. I'm not sure where that assumption came from, but that's what I envision of Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. 

At American University I had some good friends from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Ohio. Some of them were very fond of their home states, other indifferent but I started to get the idea that these states had some nice scenery to offer and interesting cities to explore.

Wisconsin lived up to those expectations. Milwaukee was a very interesting city, these big mid west cities must having really fascinating histories. The campground we stayed in in Wisconsin was beautiful and on Lake Michigan, and fall was just starting to set in making it perfect to explore.

I went off on a morning walk that turned into an adventurous morning hike that resulted in the loss of my lens cap into a ravine. I know, only me right? There was no way I was going to scale down to retrieve it, so my camera has been sporting anything from a sock to a tshirt in an attempt to protect it.

Photographers everywhere you may wince.

I also jumped out of a plane in Wisconsin - I could see Milwaukee and Chicago from where we fell.

So do me a favor and enjoy the photos I took in Wisconsin, they were harder fought than some of those in other states.