Who needs a snack?

Arizona / June 1, 2012 / by Steven
Who needs a snack?

Sometimes we spend a great deal of time traveling between destinations in order to stay on schedule. During these longer drives it is important to stay sane without having to fight a growling stomach. Because hungry people don’t always get along well, snacks are essential.

Everyone on the bus has their favorites, but some items we have handy for our travels are pretty universal for the group. Bottled water, diet cokes, and most recently Capris Suns are always within arm's reach. Some of our favorite edibles are fruit snacks, apples, pre-made sandwiches, trail mix, and granola bars.

Personally, I am a huge fan of having a thermos of coffee for any kind of morning ride. It is the way to start any day on the right foot. Usually you can also find a stash of sunflowers seeds within easy reach from me. They give me something to mindlessly do while riding or driving! My drinks of choice while driving are Rockstar Energy Drinks and Life Waters. While I am well aware that energy drinks are terribly bad for you, I like them and they make me content.

So why would anyone who reads my posts care about what type of snacks we have on the bus? Well while it is very trivial, a lot of people have no idea the importance of having snacks handy while traveling. Although we all get along really well, we grow shorter tempered and easily annoyed with each other when we get hungry. Anyone who has ever traveled also knows that being with someone for a very long period of time is not extremely pleasant when neither person is happy.

Another reason I am writing about what snacks we love to enjoy is the slight chance that someone from a company, or a person who has connections within a company, realizes how much we love their product and have no objections to becoming the new faces of the brand. That is with high hopes of course. 

Either way, we love to snack and stay happy on the road! Send me your favorite snacks and see if we have what you love in our cabinets!