What's Next?

Washington, DC / Dec. 24, 2012 / by Amy
What's Next?

I’ve now been back in the UK for just over a week, and it is rather an odd feeling. 

Firstly, it doesn’t really feel like Christmas yet because I’ve not been here in the run-up and haven’t done the usual Christmassy things like decorating the tree. 

And then there’s the fact that being on the bus, despite leaving it only two weeks ago, feels like a very distant memory. This year has gone so incredibly fast that this time last year, I was packing and getting ready to leave on the amazing adventure. 

That’s not to say I’ve forgotten about it all. Far from it. The memories are all firmly there, it’s just that time has gone so very strangely this year that it’s hard to think that we were ever in North Carolina, Florida or any of the states we visited in the first few months.

Now, when I think about what comes next, what comes after living on a bus for year, it really hits me that I did in fact survive living on a bus for a year. 

It might seem odd that this realization is hitting me very much harder after the fact than while being in the US, but I think it’s because we made it to the end of the year, and remained relatively sane during the process (all except Amy Chin, of course), that it really settled in. 

So what is next? Well, I am already back over in Scotland, have sorted out classes for next semester, and have started moving in. The jet-lag is still making me feel a little odd and I’ve been moving around constantly since I got back but on the other hand, I’ve not had to walk outside to get to a bathroom, which is rather nice. 

It is hard to think that the year on the road has come to an end. It feels sudden in some ways, but something we’ve all been very aware of. With a goal of 100 stories to complete in a year, we were all always intent on getting to that golden number. 

It’s amazing that we did make it to the end, especially when we had so many breakdowns and challenges along the way, and didn’t even know if we’d be able to fund the 100 stories. 

Having made it to the end though, it’s wonderful that we didn’t have to stop mid-way, or miss out some of our scheduled stories. We managed to film 100 stories, something that we hope will paint a good picture of just some of the good things people are doing around the country. 

And with just three stories left to put up, the reality of completing 100 stories really is hitting me. 

We just hope that you enjoy watching them and that when you’re looking to your future, you might see volunteering or even starting your own nonprofit as an event on your own horizon.