What's Interesting About America?

November 2011 / Nov. 18, 2011 / by Amy Rose
What's Interesting About America?

There are so many images I have in my mind of America. I can’t wait to make these pictures a reality: to be surrounded by the Grand Canyon, to drive through Appalachia, to see the deserts in the southwest, watch the Mississippi, see the stars in Montana. I’m excited to immerse myself in all the beautiful things we’re going to see.


I’ve also been pegged as a bit of a social butterfly, and I’m undoubtedly excited to meet all the amazing people we’re going to have a chance to know – but I think even more so is getting to know my team. Finding people with the same passion I have is going to be very interesting, I want to know the people who took the time to know and select me for Bus 52.


The thing we’re going to see and the people we’ll know – that’s what I’m ready to get started on. I’m ready to make friends and surround myself with as much of America as I can.


- What are the biggest difficulties you foresee - for the project and for you?


I may be crazy because when I look at Stanley, all I can think is, “Who wouldn’t want to live on this bus?” There should probably be more concerns about space, the size of the bathroom, and the idea of seeing five people all day every day. But all I can think about is the fun we’ll have, the things we’ll see, and what I need to get done before I leave.


But I know that there are things that are going to be difficult – as someone that’s prone to illness I’m worried about how the pace of life and the change in environment are going to work with or against my immune system. I have poor volume control at times and can be a little bit of a chatterbox. I worry how we’re going to develop as a team, what our team dynamic will be, and where I fit in the team structure. There are some skills I still have to acquire to carry my weight – but that’ll come with time.


What I’m worried about is being homesick. I’ve been living away from home for a while but our routine is going to be constantly changing. I think my greatest difficulty will be homesickness. I’m accustomed to getting to see my family regularly, and that will be something that’s not possible living in the bus.

Photo Credit: Nathan Jongewaard