West Virginia

West Virginia / Nov. 12, 2012 / by Amy Rose
West Virginia

I had a supervisor from West Virginia when I was in college. He was awesome and a total social justice nut - awesome perspective and always looking for the educational opportunity. I don't remember him saying much about the state, aside from being careful driving at night. So that was my impression ofWest Virginia, dangerous at night.

That being said I was not at all prepared for the unbelievable fall foliage that was just reaching peak in the state. We hadn't been in the Appalachian Mountains for quite some time and it was awesome to see it so full of color. The campground we were at was one of the loveliest we've been at, and was a great base for enjoying the state. We also filmed two great stories while there, very exciting.

Our time in the state was short, but impressive. I was talking to mom about it, and she mentioned she'd never been in the area and I think a mom and daughter trip might be in order.

I didn't manage to get too many photos of that exquisite foliage, but it just means I've got to go back!