Website Update

July 2011 / July 26, 2011 / by Gelb
Website Update

It’s been a little over two month since work on the website began. Our good friends over at Raw Jam have been working with us to deliver a top notch experience, and I thought I would make a post giving you a bit more details about how the process of making a modern website actually works.


When we first started with Raw Jam, we had a long conversation with them in order for them to get to know our needs and try and figure out what kinds of elements and functions we would want. This is pretty important, as since we are not coders ourselves, there needs to be extensive discussions and explanations to ensure that both we and the developers understand what is needed and what is possible. The splash page, which was discussed in a previous post was designed and then we started focusing on the wireframes.

Wireframes are basically a blueprint of the site. No colors, no fonts no actual design elements, but just placement of items. Have a look at an example:
Splash Page Wireframe 

This wireframe is the basis of the splash page:
Splash Page Screenshot

In looking at the splash page for the actual site, the first and most important thing that we need is to know how the site will look on the page load - that is - the home page. Because Bus 52 is a multi-content project, we need a way to both highlight our profiles as well as showcase all of the content we produce. This might take the form of blogs, Tweets, photo albums, informal videos, or anything else. We needed a way to showcase all of that in a clean way. Here is one of the first drafts of that wireframe:
Site Wireframe

A later draft:
Later draft wireframe

Finally, once we are happy with the look of the wireframes, we moved on to the actual design. This is where Raw Jam’s designer took the wireframe and attempted to craft a mock up of a site complete with fonts, color schemes and icons. Here was the first draft. Compare it to the wireframe above for a general idea of how things look:
Early Screenshot of the Website

Pretty cool, isn’t it? 

Now that design was only the first draft. We’ve moved through about 4 drafts so far and should be closing in on the final one sometime in the next few days. Won’t be showing that one yet though, as we want it to be a surprise! Once we have a working back end, a select few people will be asked to take a look and give us their thoughts. If you would like to take a look, go to and enter your information on the splash page. We will be sending an email when everything’s ready for you to take a peek.

Raw Jam can be found here: