Villa Coffeehouse

Idaho / Aug. 18, 2012 / by Amy
Villa Coffeehouse

Since Stanley has broken down again, we’ve been in Idaho Falls quite a bit longer than we’d planned. Luckily though, we have a wonderful coffee shop we can go to while we’re unable to move. In fact, I’m taking in its wonderful atmosphere as I write this. 

Villa Coffeehouse on Park Avenue definitely makes it to my list of favorite coffee shops this year. Everything about it is great and it’s making our extended stay in Idaho Falls a very enjoyable one. 

Villa is quite a large coffeehouse, complete with seating to please everyone. There are plenty of chairs and tables but there are also three very large and comfortable sofas and two higher tables with accompanying tall chairs. 

The sofas sit around a red fireplace and chimney breast which add a lovely splash of color to the room. The ceiling is very high and the ventilation system sits exposed along it.

However, unlike places where that makes a room feel unfinished or too industrial, at Villa, the fact that it is painted the same color as the ceiling means that the giant pipes are far less obtrusive. 

There is music playing throughout the café at what is to me, the perfect volume. It's loud enough to hear but it wouldn't bother you if you were working. The music they play is exactly the kind I like so every time we've been here, I've been bobbing my head in time to some of my favorite songs. 

There are bookshelves dotted about the large room, filled with books ready to be read as you sip at your coffee. There is even a copy of Trivial Pursuit if you feel the need to challenge your friends to a battle of the wits. 

Everyone working here at Villa wonderful. They’ve all been lovely and made us feel very welcome and comfortable. Each time we ordered a drink, they would brink them over to us, which is a nice touch. 

Speaking of drinks, the selection at Villa Coffeehouse is amazing. They have all sorts of exotic specialty lattes. I had the Ebony & Ivory, which is a dark and white chocolate latte. While it was very sweet, I was expecting it to be quite sweet so I didn’t mind, and it tasted lovely. 

They have a lovely selection of Republic of Tea teas, more than I’ve seen in most coffee shops. I do warn you though, if you’re an indecisive tea drinker, like I am, then you might have to make a list of all the teas they have and work your way through them because choosing one was difficult. 

I also had a chai latte, which was one of the best I’ve had this year, served in a lovely big, rounded mug. It all adds to the experience. 

The food was also wonderful. I had a bite of the Turkey & avocado wrap, which came with potato chips, and I can vouch for how very tasty that was. 

So, my love letter to the Villa Coffeehouse over with, I will go back to enjoying my lovely chai latte and listening to the perfect playlist of music that is making my time here very much more than bearable.