California / July 7, 2012 / by Steven

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, VA is still one of my favorite theme parks to visit. Living really close to a theme park has its advantages and disadvantages. As an addict of roller coasters it is amazing to be able to drive only 20 min to get my fix. Growing up it would be really cheap to get a summer pass so my friends and I would spend endless hours hanging out at the park. In High School I was able to start working there, which exposed all the inner magic of a theme park and allowed me to have extremely fun summers. The disadvantage is that you get so used to everything in the park that it no longer has the same wow-effect over time. That is until there is a new roller coaster!

Verbolten! The newest roller coaster at Busch Gardens is located where the late Big Bad Wolf resided in Oktoberfest. At a top speed of 54 mph, this launch coaster threw me so many surprises.

I spent a day at Busch Gardens with my girlfriend, Jess, and her friend, both had already experienced the new coaster a few weeks earlier so they were excited for me to ride and see my reaction. The coaster starts out with a slow s-curve before launching upwards into a building. Traveling through the building in a spiral at top speed is enhanced with flashing lights circling a tree located in the center. The new and exciting part of Verbolten, which makes it different from any other ride in the park, is the sudden 18-foot vertical drop that happens when the train stops at the halfway point. A separation of the track allows for it to drop and then reattach to the next section of the coaster. Complete surprise! I knew something was going to happen, but I never expected it would be a drop. The final 88ft drop that brings you towards the water is small compared to other coasters but still provides that stomach-lifting feeling.

If you have never been to Busch Gardens, or the Williamsburg, VA, area for that matter, you really should plan a trip. It is a historical area that has so many great things to do and the theme park is known for its beauty and family atmosphere. Let me know if you need travel tips!