Update From The Road: Our First Day

Virginia / Jan. 10, 2012 / by Gelb
Update From The Road: Our First Day

They say with all great things comes a few snags, right? Well, if so, then Bus 52 is certainly destined for world-wide fame!

We just finished our first full day in the bus, and have had our fair share of difficulties and challenges. The one things that has always been maintained however, is the good humor of all my busmates.

Stanley has had a bit of a rough ride - our closets have had some structural issues, and the water heater blew a bit of a gasket, but the most irritating and serious problem so far has been a break in our water pipe.

While we were all out for a walk, one of our pipes had come loose, and water started spilling everywhere. We have stopped the problem at the moment by shutting off the water, and tightening the offending nut, but there still persists a slight drip. Our gracious hosts at the campsite have very kindly allowed us the use of a shopvac and plumbers wrench. After soaking up much of the water, we're letting everything dry out before trying to tighten the nut again.

Aside from that, all good to report! Today we're going to be learning some things about camera operation from Steven, and will also try to do a bit of organization for all of our various items!