Update From The Road: North Carolina Round-Up

North Carolina / Jan. 30, 2012 / by Gelb
Update From The Road: North Carolina Round-Up

It's nearing the end of the month - our three-week mark - and so much has happened. We have been steadily moving our way down the east coast towards Florida. We've met some truly imaginative people along the way, and just hope that we can do their stories justice. I will attempt to bring you up to speed!

After Staunton, VA, we drove south, through Roanoke, VA finally getting to Lake Reidville, NC for the night. We pulled into our campground and found that we had arrived to our spot - secluded by trees in front of a lake - at sunset. Quite a bit of perfect timing (See picture above).

The next day was our SPEEED Story. We woke up bright and early and made our way into Roxboro, NC, getting lots of interesting looks as Stanley attempted to (and succeeded in) navigating the small town streets. Nan Jeffers of SPEEED was there with breakfast for us - amazing sausage biscuit things and cinnamon swirls. Initially I tried to resist, but gave in pretty quickly and did not regret it.

The amount of energy and passion that "Ms Nan" has for her organization and the youth (they don't like to be called kids - I was reprimanded by Ms Nan) she mentors. We met Nan and Carolyn Simple at the SPEEED center to do the interview and go over the rest of the day. It was Martin Luther King Jr Day, and we were all guests of Ms Nan for the MLK Day service at the Shady Hill Baptist Church. The entire town was there. 

After the service, we properly met all of the children from SPEEED who came out that day, and showed them Stanley The Bus. They were pretty stoked to get inside, but we were all soon rushed away by Ms Nan to our next location - the MLK Birthday Bash she had organized.

The afternoon was spent eating, listening to stories from the youth about their experiences with SPEEED, eating, enjoying some great entertainment from some of the participants, and of course, eating. The kids and Ms Nan were shown around Stanley, and a few didn't seem to want to leave. It was a wonderful day.

Little did we know it was not yet over. Earlier in the day, we received an email from someone in Roxboro who had seen our bus and invited us to take a tour around the Kirby Theater. After we left SPEEED, we gave them a call and were treated to a wonderful tour of the old Theater, learning about its history and the activities that go on there. More about that in a separate post.

The team was both filled with adrenaline and extremely zonked. We got back to Stanley excited but tired and made our way to our next campground - Dickens RV Park in Moncure, NC for a couple of days to recoup and start editing.

Connie and the folks at Dickens RV Park were great and very helpful - a much needed chance to get some laundry done and nice showers are always a good thing. We met some very odd people as well, and were told on more than one occasion about the nuclear warheads that were buried a few hundred yards from our location. We stayed there two nights and then made our way back towards Durham for our next story, Stories Work.

I had been coordinating with David Schmidt from Stories Work for a few weeks about our visit - everything was extremely well planned. In their infinite kindness, they requested we arrive at 1245 - which gave us a nice lie in and plenty of time to maneuver Durham's streets. It was fantastic to be able to meet all of the people who are very devoted to and enamored with Stories Work, the success of which is undoubtedly due to Lenora's (the founder) determination and the resolve. It was a very insightful visit, and at the end we were treated to a story telling session. We hope our piece about Stories Work can do justice to the work they do.

Over and out for now.