Update From The Road: Charlotte to the Beach

South Carolina / Feb. 13, 2012 / by Gelb
Update From The Road: Charlotte to the Beach

After we said goodbye to the great folks at StoriesWork, we set off towards our next destination. On the way to Charlotte, NC, we stopped by the Duke campus. Chris and Steven wanted to check out the chapel. We just happened to decide to go in our massive bus while there was a game on. As you could imagine, the traffic was pretty impressive. While the guys went to check out the chapel, the two Amys and I took Stanley around looking for a place to park. Thankfully all of the security and traffic officers seemed to think we were some official vehicle and waved us through the center of campus, where we drove around until called by the chaps.

After some interesting destinations to which Gloria (our GPS) decided to take us (in between driveways in a neighborhood for example), we eventually got to our hotel outside Charlotte. It was near midnight and we had been driving for hours. I cannot tell you how comfortable that real bed was, partially because the moment all of our heads hit the pillows, we were out.

The next day we explored the city of Charlotte. We went anywhere that was free. We spent some time at the Wachovia museum which was quite a bit of fun. It was a bit rainy, but thankfully for us, Charlotte has a network of skywalks and almost every building can be access through a network of enclosed walkways.

Mid afternoon and we were off again, heading towards Greenville. We spent the night in the Pine Ridge Campground in Roebuck, South Carolina. It was pouring rain. We got in late and left early, as the next day we needed to be in Greenville for our next story early the next morning.

We arrived early (early at least for us) at the Generous Garden, which was behind the very cool Wild Radish shop just outside Greenville, SC. We met Bo and his crew as they were working on the greenhouse for the Generous Garden. Even though it was pouring rain, there were lots of happy oblivious volunteers who were excited to be there. 

Getting the chance to meet Bo and his group of volunteers was such a great experience. The amount of passion everyone had for their work was clear, but their enjoyment in the pouring rain, was a bit harder to understand at first, though clear to see. The great folks from the Wild Radish gave us a goodie-bag full of healthy things - they were wonderful.

It was also election day in South Carolina that day. As most of us hail from the DC area in one way or another, we couldn't resist trying to observe some of the goings-on. As we drove into Greenville to explore, we tried to count how many signs were set up for the various candidates. We took refuge from the rain in Spill the Beans - a wonderful cafe overlooking the Greenville waterfalls. Greenville was fun and had a great vibe to it. It passed Steven's "I could live here" test, and had some great shops and cafes to keep us busy.

Late afternoon, we made our way to our next campground in Sumter National Forest. We stayed in a little place in Johanna, SC called the Magnolia campground. We set up and relaxed to some Star Trek while watching the election returns - getting a TV signal was quite an experience (In that I nearly pulled my hair out trying to get our antenna to work).

The next day was a long driving day. Our destination: Hunting Beach State Park near Murrells Inlet. The folks at Huntington Beach were great. They put us right next to the walkway to the beach, and because there weren't many other people, we got to thoroughly enjoy the beach and the park. We ended up spending two nights in the park, and got some really great shots of the sunrise over the beach. See The Photos Here: http://bus52.com/content/gallery/huntington-beach/

Next stop: Charleston!