Update From The Road: Charleston and Atlanta

Georgia / Feb. 20, 2012 / by Gelb
Update From The Road: Charleston and Atlanta

Charleston To Atlanta

Charleston's visitor center, sitting in an extremely well laid-out manner, allowed us to park the bus and hop on the free trolly busses to take us into town. Our first stop was Rainbow Row - a beautiful row of different colored houses that Amy Wallace was looking forward to seeing. From there, we took a leisurely walk through the city - Charleston is an absolutely lovely place! Check out some photographs here: http://bus52.com/content/gallery/charleston-charm/

After spending two days in the Charleston area, it was back on the move again, destination: Atlanta! After a very long driving day, we pulled into Jones RV Park in Norcross, GA. We had a very busy set of days ahead of us, and we needed to get planned out. We had two stories planned for the Atlanta area, and due to the availability constraints of another story in Florida, we needed to be in Miami by Wednesday. It was Friday. Add in the wish to stop by Savannah, GA on our way to Florida to squeeze in another story… We were in for a busy few days.

Friday afternoon was spent getting set up and starting to explore Atlanta. Amy Wallace and I dropped Amy Rose and the boys off at the biggest aquarium in the world and met up with our friend Jenn at Starbucks. After sampling some excellent local wings for dinner, it was back to Norcross for bed.

Saturday morning, we were off to cover The Enchanted Closet. Bonita and all of the other volunteers were so lovely and it was a wonderful time getting to learn about what they do. We were fortunate enough to sit in on a great chat session with some fantastic girls. Bonita and Elle Duncan, their celebrity spokesperson, were so kind and inviting. And Steven could not stop talking about how awesome the interview shot was. We won't be hearing the end of that anytime soon...

Our friend Jenn and her boyfriend, Shahin had told us to meet them for dinner at an airport restaurant. Though we did think this was a slightly odd place to go for dinner, it did make more sense seeing as they are both pilots. The Downwind Restaurant was absolutely awesome. Read more from Steven's blog here: http://bus52.com/content/post/georgia/

Jenn, Shahin, and their friend Billy also had another surprise for us: They had brought a plane with them! I cannot tell you the look of joy that lit up Chris and Steven's faces when they found out they could take a ride. They went up in their plane while the two Amys and I hopped in the car to meet them at the other airport. When we arrived, Billy was waiting to take us up in another plane! When asked how we were planning to spend our Saturday night, I can tell you one thing. We weren't expecting to be able to say we took night flights around the city of Atlanta. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life.

On Sunday, we went to the World of Coca-Cola - which was awesome. As a fan of Coke since I was little, it was such fun to see all of the memorabilia. We even got to try some drinks from all over the world, including the delicious Stoney's Gingerbeer from South Africa. Mmm.

That evening, it was time for the Shirt Off My Back Campaign. We arrived at a bar called Publick for the photo shoot and got to hang out with Laura and Seth for the evening while they photographed. In exchange for donating some clothes for several homeless charities, participants can get their picture taken by a professional photographer for the campaign to raise awareness. Such a great idea, and we're very thankful to them for hosting us.

We got back late and had to leave very early the next day. We started the day in Atlanta and needed to finish south of Jacksonville, FL, while fitting a story to be done in Savannah. More to come...