Tumblr, let’s work it out.

South Dakota / Aug. 26, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Tumblr, let’s work it out.

Now don't get on me yet, I know Tumblr isn't anything terribly new or revolutionary. I myself have had Tumblr for probably going on three years now, but I'm going to come clean about something.

I don't get Tumblr.

I'm not talking mechanics, I understand how to post and tag and whatever else. But on a personal level? It never really clicked for me. I'd get into it, and then get bored with it, and then try again, and then just be annoyed and not log in for a few months. I've known many people who have had this relationship with Tumblr.

I realized my frustration comes from following so many people, and then being inundated with things I am not that interested in - which is my fault to be honest.

Bus 52 had a Tumblr when I signed on to the project, and we just autoposted onto the page for more or less the first six months. I started linking some of our social media so it was a little more interesting, but when we came back I started using the platform in earnest. Focusing on following people who were related to the content we were issuing.

Whether it was folks with several posts on their volunteer experiences, work in advocating for a certain group of people, or just general passion for things that make people happy. We also followed a lot of nonprofits, because if my research for great groups just shows up on my feed that makes my life quite a bit easier.

So far, so good. We haven't exploded in followers, but I do think we've been able to engage with some people who are really invested in our stories and offering content that is inspiring to me.

Thanks Tumblr! Looking forward to getting to know you better! If you are looking to connect on Tumblr, you can find us here.