Trick or Treat? The Halloween Candy

Maine / Nov. 1, 2012 / by Steven
Trick or Treat? The Halloween Candy

Halloween is a kid’s candy fantasy come true. The night where you suit up in costume, grab yourself a pillow case, and spend the evening going door to door cashing in on the teeth decaying candy riches.

As a kid I spent days prepping my costume and pillow case for Halloween night. I think the pillow case idea came from my dad and in my mind it is the only proper way to collect candy. It is the only night out of the year that you can walk around and get candy for free and the vessel for which you carry the candy is vital. If you walk around with a small plastic lantern, a basket, or a small bag, you are losing valuable extra storage space that you gain with using a pillowcase. 

My Science Project did an awesome experiment to figure out how many pieces of candy can fit in the different storage options. They determined that a pillow case can potentially hold up to 1690 pieces of candy, which equals close to 50 lbs worth of candy. You can check it out at there website here - My Science Project

Even though you get free candy on Halloween, not all candy is good candy. Some houses buy candy that they love and others buy candy that they know kids love. Some houses make the homemade treat (frowned upon) while others do nothing at all. This is my list of the best candies to pass out on Halloween, in my opinion:

1. Snickers, Milky Way, Hershey’s Chocolate
2. Reese Peanut Butter Cups, Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars
3. M&M’s, Kit Kat
4. Sour Worms
5. Blow Pops

The worst thing I remember as a kid about trick or treating is coming up to a house with the front light off or an empty bucket with a take one sign on top. The best thing is coming home with a full sack of candy to last weeks. It is safe to say I am envious of kids who are trick or treating this year. If it was socially acceptable to trick or treat at 23, I would.