Traveling with your house

Ohio / Oct. 8, 2012 / by Amy
Traveling with your house

I sometime feel a little like a snail when traveling in the bus. I don’t mean that because of the pace at which Stanley travels up hills (which can be painfully slow, especially on a one lane road). Rather, I mean the fact that we are traveling in our home for the year, somewhat like a snail carries its house on its back. 

I’ve very much enjoyed the feeling that, although we’re constantly moving from place to place and campground to campground, the inside of Stanley remains the same, I know where my things are, and I have my own bed. 

I always feel a little unsettled when traveling and I was a little worried before leaving this year that the constant moving would really wear on me. It’s most definitely been tiring but it hasn’t unsettled me in the way I was worried it might, and that is definitely due to the fact that the home we have for the year hasn’t changed. 

The few times we’ve had to stay in hotels has, more often than not, been less relaxing than I thought it would be. That’s probably due in part to the fact that it happens when the bus breaks down but whenever that did happen, I was always happy to get back to my bed on the bus. 

I love the familiarity, rather than the constant need to get used to something new. The new bathrooms at campgrounds are definitely something to get used to but my space doesn’t change. 

And even though it’s a very, very small space, at least I know that I can curl up in my bed with a book or some knitting and put up my curtain to block out the outside world, and that space is mine.