Nevada / May 25, 2012 / by Steven

For some it is a complete mystery. For others it is a go to for holiday meals. And for me, it was curiousity sparked by Rob and my undying love of eating new foods.

The Tofurky. Arriving wrapped up in a ball about the size of a melon, a tofurky looks pretty normal at the early stages of preparation. After unwrapping and making sense of the directions it is pretty simple from that point on. Set the oven temperature and let the tofurky bake for a few hours. You can baste it as needed and even throw some vegetables in the pan with it.

Having no expectation for what a tofurky tastes like, going into my first bite was easily one of the more objective things I have been able to do. I wouldn't say it is a replacement for the taste of an actual turkey. It has the same kind of likeness as a baked bird but it lacks the texture and more importantly the taste. For those that hate tofu, tempeh, and other soybean replacements for meat products this may not be for you. The tofurky had a well flavored taste from the rice that gets cooked on the inside.


This isn't something that I could eat on a regular basis but I do see how it is an acceptable meat replacement food for the holidays. It even comes with some vegan cake!