Colorado / May 16, 2012 / by Steven


3536 West 44th Avenue  
Denver, CO 80211

I have never had the chance to try some American Indian food and since we were in Denver we had to take the advice of one of Amy Rose's friends and try out Tocabe.

When you first walk in you might think you are in a mislabled Chipotle restaurant until you take a look at the decor and the menu. Known for their Indian Fry Bread, Tacobe puts the Chipotle spin on a Native American delight. Indian tacos, stuffed fry bread, and other menu items can be topped with chicken, beef, or shredded bison! That is something you don't see every day.

Fry bread is a flat dough fried in oil, shortening, or lard and puffs up to resemble a battered frisbee. Fluffy and tasty, the fry bread plays a significant role in Native American culture.

Before I get to how amazing the food was, I should mention how great the service was. Ben and Matt, the two guys that were behind the counter are awesome. The second we walked in and looked at the menu they made sure to explain, help, and encourage us with our selections. I can tell from those few moments that these guys truly care about their business of food and community.


I went with the Indian taco and since I am now eating vegetarian I got double beans and my usual favorite toppings. The rest of the gang got chicken and bison. From the looks on their faces I can assume they enjoyed their choices as much as I enjoyed mine.

eating the fry

The fry bread was an awesome eating experience. I haven't had something that was like that and it was an awesome base for my toppings. I wish I lived in Denver so I could eat at Tocabe regularly. I know I suggest a lot of places that are a must visit, but Tocabe is one you need to listen to if you are in the area.