Time Flies When You Live On A Bus

South Dakota / Aug. 27, 2012 / by Amy
Time Flies When You Live On A Bus

With just over 3 months left of the trip, we’re all still working hard to produce great videos about the people we’re meeting. Whenever we look back on the first week or even the first month, it’s hard to believe that we’ve actually made it this far, and so quickly. 

Time has passed so fast this year already, and I have no idea how fast these next three months are going to go. 

Every so often, we reminisce about our first few days on the bus and it feels like ages ago on one hand, but like yesterday on the other. 

I was recalling our time of flying over Georgia, which feels like it could have been a few weeks ago, and I realized that it was, in fact, within our first month on the road. That, and the pipes bursting on our first day, or even filming our first few stories, all feels like a distant memory. 

When I do think back to filming our stories, I remember feeling very uncertain about what was going on. Not from any fear about the project but my own uncertainty about how to film properly, or how to write an article. 

Our first few stories, we threw ourselves in to the deep end completely and I think that was definitely the best way to do it. We didn’t have time to question ourselves, we just did what we had to. 

The stresses of the project haven’t gone away, they’ve just changed from that initial fear of producing the pieces to making sure that we get as many people as possible to see the videos we make. And that’s no easy task. 

I still don’t feel as confident as I wish I did when I do things but then I think about the fact that I’ve been writing articles, filming stories and living on the bus for 8 months and it’s become part of every day life. 

Even when it comes to filming, I’ve gained a far better understanding of what Steven wants for the pieces so I can do my best to get some good b-roll. 

So, I suppose what I’ve trying to say is that, living on a bus for a year can make time do weird things but it can really help with a large number of skills that you probably never thought you’d need. I really do recommend it!