Thumb: Thumbs Up!

Pennsylvania / Nov. 7, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Thumb: Thumbs Up!

We were looking at a particularly long day of driving when I decided to download Thumb and make Bus 52 an account. I hadn't heard of it, but it was a top rated app and as you know I'm willing to try most anything.

Thumb describes itself as "a place where you'll discover things and people that matter to you via an insanely engaging and instantaneous experience." Essentially it's an app that lets you ask questions and get opinions instantly - other users respond with thumbs up or a thumbs down, and can add a comment.

At first I was just having fun voting, getting a feel for what the community was posting about. Lots of funny quotes, interesting pictures, and even a few genuine inquisitions. Things like, should I take the bus or the train on my trip this weekend? Do you wish you were at Happy Hour? Got a case of the Mondays? Some racier posts feature scantily clad women (I'm not sure if I got more of these since I signed up as male) and perhaps more PG-13 content, but I was intrigued.

The first couple "opinions" I posted were pretty simple. Would you want to live on a bus? Have you ever heard of Bus 52? Are you interested in seeing Inspiring Stories on Thumb? I was immediately impressed by the number of responses, I guess it's very fast and people barely need to process the question to vote but still - 50 votes in one minute? Wow. And guess what? 63% wanted to see more good stories, and I can work with that.

I've started posting our stories, and getting some good responses. Some confused responses and negative responses, but overall people seem interested. It's easy to start a conversation because of the comment feature when you vote, and that way you're interacting with people who want to have a conversation.

One of the stories I posted was Operation Happy Note. I asked, "Project Happy Note donates musical instruments to troops overseas. Inspiring?" We were lucky enough to connect with a man who had recently returned from Afghanistan, and was happy to hear about the project. It reminded me how small the world is - and how important our stories can be.

I'm constantly in love with our project and think Thumb has been a very cool way to connect and share our mission with people who wouldn't see it other ways. I would say that while it may not make many people engaged with our project in a long term way, hopefully we can inject a little more optimism in the things people see.