Through The Looking Glass

Utah / May 17, 2012 / by Steven
Through The Looking Glass

We are now almost half way through the year and I have had the opportunity to see so many amazing things and meet some amazing people. Most of the time the weeks fly by like they never existed and I do everything I can to keep track of the day and my current location. The best part about it, I get to see most of it through a lens.

I love to film anything and everything. It is my passion. And for most of this trip I have spent many hours looking at my monitor, my lens pointed at our subject, and living life at 24fps. Day after day I learn something new and use everything I have learned through internships and school to try and make our pieces the best they can be. It is a daily challenge that keeps me pushing in a forward direction.

I have become quickly surprised by our ability as a team to work together and cover these stories. I am extremely proud of my bus mates and how far they have come with their production skills. Having never been trained or frequently involved in production work, they all have taken any of my advice and feedback with open minds and a grin, whether real or fake. We operate very quickly in a run and gun shooting style and at times it can feel frustrating and hectic, especially since we shoot an entire story within one day, sometimes a couple of hours, and without fail they all give their best.

A lot of people ask us how we manage to get all of the post-production work done while living in the bus. With smiles and a few laughs we always respond with, "It all happens from Steven's bed", and in actuality, it really does. Sometimes I wish we were joking. I do all of the editing from my bed located at the rear of the bus. My ever-changing office with a view, as I like to think of it. With the way technology is today, I am able to do everything while being mobile. So to any network producers that may be reading this right now, imagine what I could do if I had an actual office!

I want to thank anyone who has taken the time to sit down and watch any of our stories. Every single view means we are getting these stories out to one more person and that means a lot to me. I have to give a shout out to my awesome mother. My running joke on the bus is that I am pretty sure most of the views come from my mom, which isn't entirely untrue, so thanks mom for watching!