Thrifty Fifty!

November 2011 / Nov. 24, 2011 / by Amy Rose
Thrifty Fifty!

The opportunity to develop a side project, blogging about something we personally find compelling is great. I had some not so serious thought on a photo blog called “Gingers of America” – I have a hard time understanding how hair can be so red! But settled on something perhaps a little more productive.

I’ll be doing a project called ‘Thrifty Fifty’ in which I thrift my way through our project, utilizing second hand and opportunity stores to clothe me while we travel through the diverse geography and climates of America. I will explore the ‘thrifting’ scene in different areas, dig through Goodwill, and see if I can sell some of the clothes I no longer need. It’ll be an experiment in conscientious consumerism.

I’m hoping that Thrifty Fifty will be able to take a look at some regional styles and street style type posts, hearing about the unique style of different cities and states. Maybe some of our fans can come and show off their style? Give me a tour of the different places they shop. I think even our side projects are going to be great ways to tell a different story about America.

Photo Credit: jeffk