Thrift Store Find: The first!

Georgia / March 28, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Thrift Store Find: The first!

I love shopping.

Hanging out in the Florida Keys

I come by it honestly. I don't know if I'd call my mother a shopaholic, but she does her fair share of damage and that might have been a trait I inherited. Fortunately my love of shopping is paired with a near crippling cheapness that keeps my wallet shut whenever prices begin to eke upward of $50.00.

This means I'm digging through racks and racks of clothes marked 75% off the original prices on days when everything on clearance is an additional 30 percent off. It also means that I often walk away empty-handed. I find this true even more often at thrift and second-hand stores.

It was almost a month before I made my first purchase on Bus 52, which considering space, is about as often as I SHOULD be purchasing things. It was in the Little Five Points area of Atlanta, GA: Rag-O-Rama. Rag-O-Rama is a national chain with locations in a few cities. According to Yelp reviews, it sounded like the store had a good selection, with deals for those willing to look for them.

When I went in I made a beeline for the clearance dresses. Half my days are relegated to rocking Bus 52 swag (which I love) and I want to spend the other days in anything but a crew neck t-shirt.

Oh Hey Stanley

I found a couple dresses that were marked down to reasonable prices, and after the arduous process of trying on the dresses, I found my first buy: a navy, sheer, floral print dress.

Yup, completely see through and a little under $14.00 with taxes. But it's been great buy. It's been worn as much if not more than anything that got packed at the beginning. When we got down to the near summer-like weather of the Keys, it was a godsend, and works with spandex and a tank top. There is no cooler outfit.