Three Stories, Three States, and a Soaked Steven

Minnesota / Sept. 9, 2012 / by Gelb
Three Stories, Three States, and a Soaked Steven

Right now we are in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St Paul, in Minnesota. We've done a lot of driving this week, and managed to shoot three stories in the meantime! This week saw the triumphant return of Steven to the team, with his first story back resulting in him getting drenched. Intrigued? Read on.

We started our week in the surrounding areas of Sioux City, IA. Our Campground was technically in South Dakota, and our story was in Nebraska, so the constant border crossing was a bit confusing to say the least.

Sunday and Monday, it was mostly work days. We're coming up with a financial plan to finish the project and the year, as well as planning out our remaining time on the road.

On Tuesday, we made our way down to Allen, Nebraska, population 411. We were in Allen to do a story on NEHI, the Northeastern Housing Initiative. They are a really great organization that helps people buy a house and learn the importance of financial planning. It was a real eye-opener.

The next day, I woke everyone up at 4 in the morning (much to their excitement, I'm sure) so that we could get going to Waterloo, IA for our next story on the Job Foundation (pronounced 'Jobe' as in the biblical reference). The Job Foundation is a very unique and special organization that provides financial literacy education and incentive-based learning encouragement for young people in Waterloo. While it might sound complicated, the end result is very simple: kids growing up knowing how to save, how to get credit, the importance of financial planning, etc. I think this is going to be a great story that you'll love.

We spent the night in Waterloo, and then, after getting to interview the Mayor of Waterloo, we headed up to Minnesota. We managed to get into our campground later afternoon, well in time to pick Steven up from the airport. We were finally a full team again!

The only one of us with any knowledge or experience about and with Minnesota is Chris - he attended his first year of his meters program here. On Friday, Chris left to see some friends, and to pick up some of his belongings left over from his course. The rest of us had a chance to work. Steven had four stories to catalogue and begin the tiring process of editing, and the Amys and I had lots to catch up on. We were also a bit exhausted from all the movement, and it was a day we could relax (a little bit).

On Saturday we got to do our story on the River Rats - a nonprofit Water Skiing team. If you think that sounds pretty awesome, you have no idea. We got to spend the entire afternoon with them. This is going to be a really fun story when it comes out. Steven got to ride the entire afternoon on a speedboat for his shots. At least as a (small) consolation for the rest of us, he got thoroughly soaked.

This next week will see us staying mostly in Minnesota, before heading off to Wisconsin!