This Week in the life of a Momma’s Girl

Illinois / Sept. 25, 2012 / by Amy Rose
This Week in the life of a Momma’s Girl

Ask anyone, I'm a mommy's girl - grant it, I get along with both my parents great but my mom holds a certain deal of power when it comes to making family decisions. I have a hunch she's always been this way, but it's certainly true for our little nuclear family of four.

Mom was totally the brains behind taking me out of our public high school, she was 100% happy with sending me away to American University, and supportive of my decision to make my first stab at independent adulthood in DC. 

Mom is the pragmatist in many ways, she is very wary and suspicious of people - in the way that a mother has every right to be. While I pride myself in being very reasonable, it could be said that I have a bit of a wild or even crazy streak. For example, living on this bus.

But she has gradually come around to it between the quality of our product, and the opportunities and challenges to grow.

The most recent opportunity/challenge is not one that I had really anticipated, or was seriously considering taking advantage of until I told my mom. We all have the option to go skydiving, and I thought about it but was pretty sure I was going to pass. My mom was adamant that this was something that I needed to do.

Which, you know, took me by surprise. Whose mom wants them to jump out of a plane? Apparently mine.

So as a momma's girl, I'm going to do what momma says. I'll check in afterwards to let you all know I'm alive.