The Weather

Illinois / Sept. 24, 2012 / by Amy
The Weather

The weather has been rather unpredictable lately. I’m sure it’s fairly normal and predictable to those who are in the know or have meteorological backgrounds but I’ve been swinging from being too hot to too cold like nobody’s business. 

We’ve had a few days of suddenly very cold weather. Objectively we all know isn’t very cold but compared to the warmth we’ve been used to, the icy cold sheets at night come as quite a shock. 

I’ve brought out thick bed socks and even had a hot water bottle in bed a few nights ago but suddenly it’s become warmer again, with sun streaming in the windows during the day and the temperature is back to nicely mild. 

I am a fan of seasons and I don’t mind it getting cold but what I don’t like very much is that cold feels colder when it’s thrown into the mix with quite warm temperatures. 

I realize this all doesn’t sound like a major problem, and in fact, it isn’t really. But it does make getting dressed in the morning, especially if we’re going to film a story and will be out all day, a lot more challenging. 

In fact, yesterday morning, I could barely feel my toes as I was putting my shoes on but later in the day, I could have been ready to go and lie on a beach. Well, maybe not quite a beach, but there was definite circulation back in my toes. 

These temperature fluctuations also mean that when I go to bed wrapped in layers of clothing, I inevitably wake up very uncomfortably warm a few hours later, angrily pulling thick socks off my feet. 

This will all be very enviable once we’re in the depth of winter and I’m sure I’ll be yearning for even the chillier weather we’ve been feeling. 

But then again, as a Brit, I fully reserve the right to talk about and/or complain about the weather whenever I want. Surely that’s allowed? 

Photo Credit - Flickr: BenLaken