The Wandering Goat

Oregon / July 23, 2012 / by Amy
The Wandering Goat

I’ve not written a post for every one of the coffee shops we’ve been to - often they’re nice enough but there isn’t really enough to say to warrant a full blog post. We’ve always had good luck with them and we’ve never really regretted the decision to go to an independent place over a chain. 

This weekend, however, was the first time we went to a place that not only didn’t live up to the reviews we found on Yelp but was definitely not a place I would go back to. 

I don’t want to be overly critical, and of course, these are only my own opinions and count for very little compared to the many people who think differently so do remember, this is just my own opinion. 

We went to the Wandering Goat coffee shop in Eugene, Oregon, because we arrived early for a story and decided to sit and do some work. I saw the Wandering Goat on Google maps, looked it up on Yelp and decided that the many 4 & 5 star reviews boded well. 

The reviews raved about the excellent coffee, delicious home-made chai and, while they said the reception at the counter was sometimes a little frosty, it was still very much worth stopping by. 

The interior of the Wandering Goat is very dark with all the walls painted in extremely dark tones. There is a decent amount of seating and the internet did work but I didn’t feel it to be a place where I would want to sit for any extended period of time, enjoying my book. 

The chai I had, which had been built up by the reviews, was rather flavorless and watery - definitely not something I would ever order again. I understand that making your own chai can sometimes lead to inconsistencies in the strength of the concoction but it really was undrinkable. 

Amy Rose and Gelb had hot chocolates that they said were very good so perhaps it was just the batch of chai Chris and I had that wasn’t quite right. That said, the atmosphere inside the Wandering Goat is not what I would enjoy on a frequent basis and it would take exceptional chai to make me want to visit another time. 

Again, these are just my opinions, based on that one visit, but while I would usually recommend you visit the other coffee shops I’ve written about, I would say that you could probably find yourself a more welcoming café than the Wandering Goat, if ever you’re in Eugene. 

Photo Credit: Flickr: Sacha Kahn