The Teahouse

New Mexico / May 19, 2012 / by Amy
The Teahouse

We left Santa Fe two weeks ago but the memory of The Teahouse has certainly not left me yet. While we were in Santa Fe, we went there a couple of times and I loved it both times. 

The Teahouse is nestled in a small, quirky street, surrounded by art galleries. They have an amazing outdoor area, which is actually where we sat both times. The weather was so warm and sunny that I couldn’t bear the idea of sitting inside.

The inside is very nice though. It’s a quite large space inside, divided into a couple of smaller rooms. The entrance takes you into a small room that has shelves covered in jar after jar of loose leaf tea. The counter is just to left as you go in and the menu hangs over it, tantalizingly offering all sorts of tasty-sounding drinks.  

I didn’t have any of the loose leaf tea, though I do very much regret not doing so. There was rose tea, wild cherry tea, and many, many more delicious flavors. I think I was just overwhelmed by the choice and reverted to my usual: chai. 

I did have a different chai the two times we went. The first time, I had what they called a Cowboy Chai. It was your basic chai but with cayenne and other more exotic spices. The second time, I tried their classic chai. 

They were both very tasty but they were unlike other chais I’d had before. If you like your chai lattes to be very sweet, this would probably not be for you. You could add sugar to it, I suppose, but I didn’t and it was definitely a very different kind of drink. It was very tasty though and came in lovely metal mugs that contained a lot of drink. 

There was, of course, free wifi, which was very helpful for us because we went there to get through our piles of work. 

The atmosphere outside was just perfect for work, and it was one of the most serene places I’ve been this year. Just like sitting outside the visitor center in Santa Fe, it was just lovely to sit somewhere quiet, in the shade but with lovely sunshine and blue sky as far as the eye could see. 

We even sat underneath a small tree the second time we went, which was wonderfully cosy and added a little bit of shade to the table but allowed us to still enjoy the sun. 

If you’re even in Santa Fe, you really should visit The Teahouse. When I go back to Santa Fe (I hope to, anyway), I know I’ll be going back and this time, I will definitely try a variety of their loose leaf teas!