The Smell Of The Trees

California / July 11, 2012 / by Gelb
The Smell Of The Trees

I have been looking forward to this part of the trip since the beginning. As most who know me are aware, my lifelong dream is to build a castle in the forests of Idaho. It's an odd one, but always fun to think about. My favorite type of setting is lush, wooded wilderness, and Yosemite didn't disappoint.

As soon as you start driving into the area, an overwhelming woody aroma greets you. I imagine this sometimes results in young children from the cities grabbing their nose and exclaiming 'p-eww, what's that?!' to which one of two regretful parents would reply, head held low, 'That's nature. That's what nature smells like.'

Every year growing up, my family would go to South Africa for a month to see family and friends, and to escape the Foggy-Bottom-Swamp-August that seems to descend on the area each year. It would always fill me with a sense of adventure. Long flights, new continents, different sounding people, familiar smells. We would often be able to get away from the cities and go to the bush, where that same woody smell would greet me. 

Though the climates, vegetation, and lack of leopards and rhinos are certainly different, I feel that same sense of wonder being in this part of the country. These massive trees and forests, the delicious looking streams and that same wonderful smell - they all excite the imagination.