The Scenic Week

Utah / May 13, 2012 / by Gelb
The Scenic Week

This was a long driving week for the team. All in all, we drove 990 miles covering three states in a jam-packed time. We started the week off in New Mexico, and are now in Salt Lake City. We hit desert, snow, mountains - all in the same day!

Sunday we left Santa Fe in the morning. We needed to get to Espanola that night for our story the next morning. Since it wasn't so far, we thought we would try to see some things along the way. I had always wanted to go to Los Alamos. The drive up was beautiful for us, if not a bit painful for Stanley (steep inclines!). Personally, I found the town a bit lacking, though it could have been because it was a Sunday. The little city museum was very interesting, and it satisfied my love of historical trinkets. We then all hopped in and headed to Bandalier National Park for a little walk. That was spectacular. There was this great 1 mile walk that took you around old pueblo cliff dwellings, and you were able to go inside them! We all had a great time. On more than one occasion, Steven just wanted to be left in one of the caves. "Bigger than what I have now" he would moan.

We headed for the campground in Espanola in the evening and woke up bright and early for our story on Monday about EVFAC - The Espanola Valley Fiber Arts Center. EVFAC was an impressive place. There were looms everywhere. All of the people we were able to talk with were absolutely delightful - it is really great what this organization is doing for those who aren't able for whatever reason to hold a normal job. The things they produce are truly exceptional. I think you will really like this story! After saying good-bye to the folks at EVFAC, it was back on the road. After some discussion about where to go next, we decided to aim to get to Colorado Springs by the evening. It was a long drive, but perhaps the most unique one we have been on yet. When we left Espanola we were in a dusty-plains type of environment. The moment we crossed into Colorado, we started seeing lots of evergreen trees, and more pointed hills. Then, as we were driving, it started to snow! It was quite a dramatic time. We got into our campground around 9:30. It was already dark, but we could tell we were in the woods and it was very high up. Amy Rose made her chili, which warmed all of our bellies after the rapid change of weather!

Tuesday we headed into town, plonked down at a Panera bread and recuperated/worked. Amy Rose got to say hello to some friends, while we were catching up on all the various stuff that needed to be done.

Wednesday, we had an interview with a local reporter in the morning at the campground, however it fell through at the last minute - no matter to us. We got everything ready to leave the lovely campground outside Colorado Springs, and started heading towards Denver. We stayed at the Cherry Creek State Park just outside Denver. We have always had good luck staying at State Parks, and this one was no different. We got situated and then went on a little drive and explored Denver. The entire state of Colorado is now on Steven's 'list', and he and Amy Wallace were very happily looking up various lofts and apartment prices. It was a very nice city. We ate a late lunch at Tocabe - think of it like a Native American version of Chipotle. It was food I had never tried before - fried bread with shredded Elk - absolutely delicious.

We woke up on Thursday and needed to make plans. Originally, we were going to do our story that afternoon and then drive the 3.5 hours to Steamboat Springs, Co so we could make our next story early the next morning. Amy Wallace had heard from a local news station that wanted two of us on for an early show on Friday morning, so our plans had to change. The morning was spent planing and working, and in the afternoon, we decided to leave the bus at the campground and go to our story which was in the Boulder area. The story dealt with getting kids excited about literacy through comic books. It was absolutely awesome. Illya, the director, was so great, and it was so cool to see the kids get excited about their comics. After the story, we headed back to the campground, and got an early night. The next day was going to be a dozy.

On Friday, we woke up at 4am. The boys all got the bus ready and headed out for Steamboat Springs - a 3.5 hour drive through the mountains that called for snow in the forecast, while the girls took the van and headed for a coffee shop to hold them over until the interview. We drove through the mountains and reached Steamboat by about 0900. Our story was at a lovely bookshop called 'Off The Beaten Path' - Emily, the daughter of the owners, has developed an awesome organization called BookTrails that aims to connect books with kids and the community. This is going to be a great story - you're going to love it. The girls made it by 11 and after we were finished with the story, we all headed for our next campground at Craig. We were all zonked, and Amy Rose just passed out when we arrived. I was craving pizza, so the 4 of us headed into Craig and found this delightful pizzeria. We all got back late afternoon and crashed.

Saturday was a big driving day as well. We left about midday and headed out of Craig. Our destination: Salt Lake City. Along the way we stopped in Dinosaur, CO briefly, though aside from that, it was pretty much a straight drive. We got into Salt Lake City at about 6 in the evening. Amy Wallace, Steven, and I went to a coffee shop to do work - I had my financials to do - and enjoyed a fantastic bass player's playing.

So, now we are in Salt Lake City. Sunday is Chris's Birthday, and we have plans to see the sights in Salt Lake before our next story on Tuesday.

Mileage: 91125